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Yes. This will require you to have your cameras networked so that the data captured can be transferred over a network (the internet) to your phone or other mobile devices.

Yes. The CCTV system is equipped with a Digital Video Recorder that contains a storage medium for the feed captured hence allowing for review.

There a variety of cameras of different makes and serving different purposes. Some of the factors considered in determining the type of camera include: Facility to be secured (home or office), Area to be secured (indoors or outdoors), Mode of action (still camera or motion camera) and Cost of cameras

The purpose of the computer defines the specifications that the computer you purchase needs to have. We advise our clients accordingly depending on the intended purpose of the computer.

Yes. We offer a one year guarantee on system installations and a three-months' guarantee for maintenance and repairs.

Yes. Our client's satisfaction is key and thus your preferred choice is respected.

Within 24 - 72 hours, depending on the availability of the equipment and the location where it is to be delivered

Yes, the equipment will be delivered at a discussed fee.

Yes. We also deal in the supply of electronics equipment; mainly cameras, computers and computer accessories.

Yes. Though we have one office location, we offer our services across the entire country. For areas located quite far, a negotiable transport charge shall be levied on the total project cost.

Yes. We can reach you at your premises and conduct the diagnostics and minor repairs that don't require specialized equipment. This service will additionally attract a transport charge.

We are located in Wandegeya, along Wandegeya Mulondo road, behind the Wandegeya market