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August 24, 2020 - BY Admin


People are increasingly fitting their homes with security systems. It is no longer a luxury for the well-off but rather a necessity for everyone who is security conscious. Increased awareness about crime has propelled a number of people into installing security systems.

Burglary is one of the most common property crimes in Uganda. However, installation of a security system is a deterrent measure for would be burglars upon noticing that a premise is under surveillance hence focusing on buildings that are not being monitored by cameras.

Reasons for installing a security system.

1.      Technological advances make systems more effective

With the rapid advancement in technology, secure systems have been developed to suit security needs of people. When these systems are well configured, they are bound to robustly deliver to the expected functionality.


2.      Home security systems are more affordable

Various companies have ventured into importation of Security Surveillance systems making them more available and affordable. With the price affordability in picture, several people can now easily purchase Security Systems for installation in their homes, offices and business premises.


3.      Families are busier

Families are engrossed in a number of activities and responsibilities away from their home and businesses. Having a surveillance system in place saves one the burden and worry about what transpires in their absence as they are assured of viewing video footage at their convenient time.


4.      People are taking crime statistics at heart.

With the increasing crime rate in the Uganda, people are becoming more security conscious and are more vigilant towards curbing the crimes. One of the most reliable security measures are CCTV Cameras that are configured to record real-time videos