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October 08, 2020 - BY Admin


Imagine taking your time and effort to type this paragraph you've had to think of for about 15 minutes, you've been so patient with the letters, each taking their time to appear on the screen when you hit it. You notice a typo in one of the sentences and move the cursor back to erase and rectify, only to hit the backspace button but the intended letter isn't erased.  You assume that perhaps you didn't hit it so you press it for long this time and are certain, but it still doesn't work instantly - as it is supposed to. 

Five seconds later, the cursor moves on its own, erasing the entire paragraph. Anxiety, frustration and stress kick in - even when you know about 'Ctrl + Z'.  Let's relieve that for you.

Your computer is showing signs that it is slow and it may only continue to slow down. Here's what you need to check with your machine to resolve the issue.

Your storage -  If your hard disks are full or close to full capacity, your computer is prone to slowing down. Specifically, if your main disk (Local disk C) is full, you will face similar challenges to what is listed above. Clear some space, backup on the cloud or on an external hard disk and you'll be amazed at the change in performance. 

Your apps - What apps are you running on your machine? If you're running heavy software that takes a toll on the processor, your machine may slow down. Similarly, if you open many apps and have them running at the same time, your CPU will be strained causing the apps to function abnormally.

Your RAM - Photoshop, FIFA and other software dubbed 'heavy' require a specific minimum amount of RAM to function properly. If you're running them on a computer with less RAM, you're bound to fail to do other tasks while they are running.  Upgrade your PC by adding some more RAM to support these.

Viruses and malware - Be very keen on internet downloads. Additionally, be skeptical with the external drives you connect to your computer. Once infected, viruses are malicious and can be the cause of the PC's poor performance.

Do the above and you'll avoid the anxiety and frustration that comes with hitting buttons and they act contrary to the expected. 
May speed be your computer's ally!