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September 22, 2020 - BY Admin


Sudden loss of data can be a very frustrating moment. Even though we are aware of the possibility of data loss and how negatively it would affect us, we still tend to be reluctant towards backing up data. Hopefully, you'll realize why it is relevant to do regular backups after reading this.

  1.  Your files are valuable
Take a moment and reflect on the information stored on your computer, you'll realize that they are too valuable to be suddenly inaccessible or lost. 
Having an alternative storage location assures you of the safety of your prized data. 

  1. To err is human
Sometimes you're going about your daily business as usual when human nature just kicks in and you accidentally delete vital data. If this was backed up, you don't have to fret. You can just easily access a copy from the backup storage.

  1.  Hacking is real
Some of the IT experts out there unethically use their skills to cause harm.  It is very possible for your data to be accessed by unauthorized persons with ill intentions. In the event that your information is tampered with, a backup quickly comes to the rescue.

  1.  Disasters don't sound alarms
Water spilling into your laptop, a building catching fire, floods, earthquakes,etc. Natural or man-made disasters are abrupt. The only way to prepare for them is prevention, which is your backup. 

YES! You really do need a backup, and you need it now. Don't procrastinate prevention, for the cure is a lot more costly.