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August 26, 2020 - BY Admin

Computer Repair Technician

Who is a Computer Repair Technician?

A computer repair technician is someone who installs, analyzes, repairs and maintains many different types of computer equipment, or may specialize in working on networks or servers.

Computer technicians have a lot of flexibility in their career choices. Organizations of all types rely on computer technology and need employees to support their infrastructure.

What he does:

Hardware repair

A Computer repair technician works on five general categories of hardware; desktop computers, laptops, servers, computer clusters and smartphones / mobile computing devices. 

Technicians also work with and occasionally repair a range of peripherals, including input devices (like keyboards, mice, webcams and scanners), output devices (like displays, printers, and speakers), and data storage devices such as internal and external hard drives and disk arrays. 

Technicians involved in system administration might also work with networking hardware, including routers, switches, cabling, fiber optics, and wireless networks.

Software repairs

They may detect and remove computer viruses, update software, install firewalls and security programs, upgrade computer memory, or connect and configure Internet and network connections.

Career opportunities

Computer servicing and repair technicians may operate his/her own workshop, employees of shops, and companies specializing in computer repair, or as in-house technical support for companies in nearly every industry.